Mayrhofen with its Penken Park is ranked as top destination for snowboarders. Let’s find out why!

Snowboarders and freeskiers alike rave about the Penken Park on Action Mountain Penken in Mayrhofen. The six permanent, perfectly prepared jumps and obstacles along with the amazing crowds have given the park a reputation that it easily lives up to. The Pro Area, Advanced Area, Advanced Jib Area, Medium Area, Medium Jib Area and Kids Area promise riders of every age and skill level a fantastic time on the mountain. The 4-person Sun Jet chairlift provides shredheads with quick access to the park and a great view of the pros shredding below – you can even shoot photos or videos from your aerial perspective while going up for your next run! The Kids Park even has its own lift, the Mittertrett T-Bar Lift.

There is even an own app – the Penken Park App – for Android and iPhones to check anytime and everywhere which obstacles are open, how is the weather or maybe there are any news?